'The world needs you exactly as you are.'

Welcome to Living As you. My name's Sarah Keating and I'm a life coach, self-improvement expert and speaker dedicated to helping you be unbelievably true to yourself and live a life you love.

As you probably know if you're reading this, as we grow up society, teachers, friends and family often tell us who we 'should be' and what we 'should do' rather than encouraging us to be who we are and to follow our own unique path.  It is considered 'normal' to be the same as everybody else and often we lose our identity in the process, leading to unhappiness and depression because we're not living as we are meant to.  Believe it or not we are meant to be happy.  Our true nature is happiness.  I started to learn this when I first came across positive thinking. I was given a now very well known book about the Law of Attraction to read and from there I then learnt more about self development, then coaching and deciding for yourself what's right for you. And it all started to make sense.

I was unhappy and unfulfilled - I didn't know what I wanted because I'd been too busy conforming and letting life happen to me instead of creating my own life.  After ending a toxic relationship I was in, as confusing and heartbreaking as it was, I had time to be free, to think, grow and learn.  Coming across the Law of Attraction and life coaching helped me to think about what I enjoy doing and what I really wanted in life. Then getting to know myself and spending time on my own helped me to realise what I deserved.  It wasn't a straight forward path by any means, it's hard to break away from old patterns and habits but what has been shown to me time and time again is that being untrue to yourself and ignoring your instincts is the root cause of the majority of life's problems. Things go wrong when we aren't living as we're meant to. When we connect to the highest, truest version of ourselves and put our faith in the universe life begins to flow wonderfully. 

I found that we can decide and get exactly what we want in life. More than we've ever dreamed of. Everybody deserves to live a fulfilling exciting life, full of abundance and to be truly happy but it's up to us to choose this and take the steps to get there. You are worth so much more than a lot of people settle for in the way of jobs, friends, health and relationships. You are here to live life to its full potential, experience things you never thought you could, connect with other amazing people and be purely and truly happy. 

Everybody deserves this... 

You were not put here on Earth to work in a job you hate just to pay the bills.  You are special, unique and were put here to shine and live every day happy and in turn inspire others to do the same. Nobody can do a better job of being you than you and being true to yourself puts a little bit of magic into the world that wasn't there before.