Top 5 ways to Live As You


1. Stay truthful - Always

To yourself and others... As hard as it sometimes can be to tell the truth and be completely honest it's vital to live freely and be a genuine person. If more and more people grew accustomed to saying how they feel and being honest with what's true for them, there would be a lot more understanding between people in both personal and professional relationships. If there's ever something on your mind with a person or situation, instead of keeping quiet and going back and forth in your mind, actually talking to the person about it openly and honestly more often than not leads to a better outcome, more respect, strength, connection and growth.


2. Follow your intuition

Closely linked to being truthful with yourself, listening to your intuition and trusting in it guides you to exactly where you're meant to be. Ever had the feeling something's not quite right and it wasn't? We all get intuitive feelings when something may be wrong or right but what we decide to do with that is another matter. Some people are more in tune than others with their intuition however it can be strengthened and developed in anyone. Once you get used to quietening your mind and following your instincts life will flow much more freely. Watch out for a post on ways to really follow your intuition coming soon.


3. Be your own best friend

This is probably my personal most important point... Treat yourself how you would your own best friend.  We often put up with things we shouldn't, talk bad about ourselves, get into situations we shouldn't be in and let people treat us in a way that we would tell someone else not to put up with. Why do we do this? It's like sometimes we're programmed to put other people's needs first and to keep them happy even if it hinders ourselves. Many people crave love and acceptance from others so badly that they are willing to sacrifice/hurt themselves in order to get it. They don't realise that happiness starts with self love from within, which will then attract the right people, real love and most importantly respect. That's why your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. You will always be there for you and you will never leave you so embrace it. And next time you feel you might be about to do something that might not be the best choice, ask yourself, 'What would I tell my best friend to do?' And do that.


4. Do something you love

Whether as a job or a hobby, it's important to spend time doing the things you love and the things that make you feel alive. Life is for living and the more time we spend doing things that make us happy, the happier we will be.


5. Love and connect with other people

Think back to the times you've had the most fun in your life... Most of them involve other people right? I know as a society we are more virtually connected than ever before, which of course has it's benefits, however we are much more disconnected with the people around us more than ever before. Real life = Fun, meaning and memories. It's important to be aware of this and make time for people and real interaction in our lives because in the end that is what makes our life. 

I recently visited a city called Holguin in Cuba and straight away noticed that the majority of people seemed really happy. Although sometimes described as a 'poor country' I couldn't help but think that the city centre streets seemed so much happier than walking down a city centre street back home in England. People were enjoying life, enjoying each other, smiling, laughing, saying hello to each other in the street. Coincidently the internet is virtually non existent there. 

No wifi, no 'checking in,' no one walking down the street glued to their mobile phones. A local man told me, 'no one has Facebook because no one has the internet.' However what they did have was real life connection, there was a buzz, people talking outside, laughter, groups of families out at night together, the streets were alive.  Imagine the difference in memories filled with fun, happiness and meaningful connection. In my opinion that makes you richer than anyone alone, sat at a computer with millions in the bank. I know that we rely on technology and it has many amazing benefits however it's just as important to make time to enjoy real life too. 

Real connection brings happiness, so talk to people, laugh, have fun and love (even when someone might seem not worth loving, they are often the ones who need love and connection the most). 


I hope you enjoyed my first blog post and are happily on your way to Living As You.

Loads of love, Sarah xxx