10 ways to instantly lift your mood...

We all have good moods, bad moods, in-between moods, however most people let circumstances control their emotions rather than taking responsibility for how they feel...

Ever had one of those days where something goes wrong, you react badly and then the rest of your day gets worse and worse?

Believe it or not, we can choose how to react and choose how to feel better.  It's all about awareness and perspective.  However moods, like a lot of things in life can be addictive.  Some people are addicted to feeling frustrated, some to feeling hopeless, some to feeling powerful, some to being happy and we seem to have conscious or unconscious habits to keep us in these addictive states.   

When we become aware we will more than likely choose to be happy because it feels better than feeling down.  So with that in mind here are 10 quick ways to instantly lift your mood (if you're willing to come out of it).

1. Smile - Yes even if you don't feel like it just do it.  I do this often with my coaching clients and each time the results of a mind-set shift and how they view themselves is instant.  Try it now, stand up straight (look out for my future post of how physiology affects our mood) and smile - it's impossible to feel down with a big smile on your face right? 

2. Put your favourite song on - We all have a song that makes us instantly want to have a little dance... don't worry I won't tell anyone ;) .

3. Have a little dance ;) - Or run, jog, skip, do star jumps, whatever you prefer just get moving for an instant mood lifter.

4. Ask yourself this about whatever might be worrying you... 'Will this matter in 5 years time?' - 9 times out of 10 the answer will be 'No' and in 5 years time you will look back and laugh over wasting time being unhappy over something that will then seem so insignificant. 

5. Have a 'me' day or night or hour. Do something just for you that you enjoy - watch your favourite film, cook your favourite food, turn your phone off and have some relaxing time, read a book, lie in bed, do whatever your thing is and don't feel guilty for a second.

6. Strange one but get a piece of paper and sign your name over and over and over again - This has actually been proven to improve a persons mood and increase feelings of self confidence and it does.

7. Closely related to point 6 - Colour in - 'I'm not 5,' I hear you say... However don't knock it 'till you've tried it, it can be very relaxing. Mindfulness and being in the moment is proven to bring happiness and there are a ton of new 'Mindfulness' colouring books for adults out there now sold in mainstream bookstores.  My friend Holly gave me this one as a lovely little present.

And if you cant make it to a bookstore right now just doodling on a blank piece of paper can have the same effect!

8. Call your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/mum - anyone who lifts your mood and has your best interests at heart. Just call them to say hi - I'm sure it will make them smile to hear from you too being a double lift.

9. I feel slightly bad writing this one but if you want to laugh and have a silly sense of humour look on YouTube for something like 'people falling over' or 'people walking into glass doors' - And thank me later!

10. Look at the stars - Just sit and look, breathe, take it in.  The universe is huge, we get one life, so why not spend it being happy :)

What works  for you? If you have any mood lifters of your own I'd love to hear them so please share them below in the comments section.

Love and smiles,

Sarah xxx